Karen De Souza

Karen is a highly professional and experienced Colonic Hydrotherapist and Personal Trainer working in the heart of Sliema.
Promoting the health and well-being of others is at the core of her professional pursuits, having trained and gained experience in the UK and now in Malta she is keen to bring her experience and expertise to participants of the Weight Matters project. Karen has combined these two interlinked professions as she understands the importance of gut health, nutrition, fitness and well-being for total health and it is her intention to educate, promote well-ness and help her clients to achieve their health & well-being goals.
Karen’s love for being outdoors, her tenacious aptitude towards adventure and her promotion of the importance of lifestyle choices is what bought her to Malta, as she herself sought her own lifestyle change. It is on her own journey that she hopes to encourage others to listen to their body & mind and to invest in their health & well-being for now and their future. She believes that there is no greater feeling than being healthy, fit and mobile, and at the same time acknowledges that this may mean something different for everyone.